Tips To Bring More Arabic Into Your Child’s Life

Tips To Bring More Arabic Into Your Child’s Life

Tips To Bring More Arabic

Into Your Child’s Life

As a mother raising bilingual children, your struggle and challenge are real, for you are competing against everyone who speaks English in your life. So, to make sure that your child has a natural need to use the minority language and receive daily input to the Arabic language,we suggest to you these practical tips and resources to make it a fun learning experience:

  • While your kids are having breakfast you can use this quality time listening to Arabic Audios and Podcasts to help them develop the pronunciation of letters and grasp how words sound.
  • Also we recommend listening to Arabic songs while driving your child around to school or the playground and always sing along with them.
  • Road trips are perfect for listening to Arabic audio storybooks and trying to interact and talk in Arabic about the story line and characters.
  • Choose an Arabic movie  for your family Movie time at weekends because watching and listening to dialogues and conversation then turn it into an active social experience can enhance a child’s fluency over the language.
  • Children now watch videos on YouTube regularly, so use this platform to learn the Arabic language through video songs and stories.
  • Reading your kids an Arabic bedtime story boosts their learning and improves connecting with the Arabic  culture and morals. 

Now, if you are ready to start but you don’t know what resources to rely on, here are some links of useful Arabic podcasts, YouTube channels, and bilingual storybooks

Arabic Podcasts:

  • Story Time With Teta: Listen to fun and engaging ​Arabic stories from around the world and from famous publishing houses, narrated by your loving Teta Amal (grandma).
  • Talk In Arabic Podcast - All Dialects. Naturally Spoken: It is a rapidly growing, community-driven podcast of spoken dialect material for Arabic learners online.
  • Learn Arabic Pod: a great way to get in touch with Arabic language, that podcast includes listening, speaking and much more. 

YouTube channels:

  • Learn With Zakaria: A good place where kids and parents can find great learning videos that teach the alphabet, colors, shapes, names of animals, fruits, vegetables and much more..
  • One 4 Kids: A fun channel where children will learn Arabic with its featured characters Zacky bear and Friends.
  • Adam Wa Mishmish: Meet Adam who is  a playful 2 year old boy and his favorite doll Mishmish who at night comes to life, taking Adam on amazing adventures where they learn the Arabic language.
  • زاد الحروف : you can find cartoon moral stories in Arabic language for kids.
  • Siraj | سراج: Join Rashid, Noora and their lantern friend Siraj on their learning adventures. Siraj is a3D edutainment animated series for Arabic language.
  • اهلا سمسم : An Arabic series about Jad,Basma and their puppets friends. Together they have adventures and help each other along the way. Characters on this show speaks in Arabic dialect language which is useful if you want your child to use Arabic on a daily basis.
  • Karazah Channel: Karazah, meaning Cherry in Arabic, is an upcoming nursery YouTube channel that teaches kids the fundamentals of the Arabic language in an appealing and scientific way.
  • Marah TV: you can find on this channel Arabic edutainment songs and nursery rhythms for children.


Arabic and Bilingual Storybooks:

    • Omar and Oliver The Super Eidilicious Recipe : With one page in Arabic and one page in English, there are so many different ways to read, learn and enjoy this story. 
    • Azzuz misses Mama : a children's story in Arabic. Large clear print vocalized Arabic, full page illustrations, and a story the child can relate to make this an ideal medium level reading book for 2nd - 3rd grade.
    • The Best Gift : A large picture storybook in Arabic. On his way to visit Grandma, Little Bear decides to find her a present - the best present of all! A heart-warming story celebrating family bonds and the gift of love.
    •  Brave Rabbit : a story in Arabic for preschool +. Rabbit can't reach the fruit in the tree, but the giraffe refuses to help him without a promise of something in return.
    • I Love to Tell the Truth : English Arabic Bilingual children's book. Perfect for kids studying English or Arabic as their second language. Jimmy the little bunny is in trouble. Accidentally, he ruined his mother's favorite flowers. Will it help if he lies? Or is it better to tell the truth and try to solve the problem in a different way?
    • I Love Series : This bilingual English & Arabic book series teaches children about Allah and the important people in their lives.
    • The Small Sparrow : colorful and fun books for young learners of Arabic, designed to nurture confidence and motivation.
    • I'm A Robot :'I'm A robot', a children's story in Arabic. Wadih dreams of becoming the smartest and most powerful child in the world.

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Always remember teaching a child to be bilingual requires extra work, patience, and support, but it is worth it in the end.