• Zaydo Potato 3 book bundle
    Eid Mubarak! This Zaydo Potato Special Eid Bundle is for our super special little ones. For a limited time only, get all 3 copies of the Zaydo Potato series in paperback or hardcover format for a discounted price.
    The Zaydo Potato Special Eid Bundle includes:
    • Zaydo Potato A Muslim Superhero
    • Zaydo Potato Can Allah See Me Now?
    • Zaydo Potato Allah Loves Me
    Every story has...
    • a hadeeth or aya from the Quaran at the start
    • a fun lesson with an Islamic moral
    • a potato hidden in every spread
    • fun, educational activities at the end of every book
    • fun, relatable Muslim characters
    What Some of Our Readers Are Saying:
    This book is wonderful. It teaches about Islam in a simple and fun way. My son enjoyed looking for the potato . The illustrations are very engaging too. I am a huge fan of Zaydo Potato. I was also happy that my son loved this book because not many keep his attention lately. We bought this book after enjoying the "Zaydo Potato: Allah Loves Me" so much. This one was just as enjoyable for us and our daughter. The theme of this book is a question that every child is bound to ask her/his parents. The story is easy to understand and written in a funny way. Looking forward for the third book in this series!
  • Zaydo Potato A Muslim Superhero Bundle of Fun is here!
    For a limited time, get
    • 1 copy of Zaydo Potato a Muslim Superhero
    • 1 reversible superhero cape and mask
    Research has proven that superhero play is great as:
    • It helps build a child's self-confidence and the courage to try new things
    • It helps children overcome obstacles and develop problem-solving skills
    • It allows parents to teach important concepts like good and bad, power and vulnerability, real and fake
    • It enhances creativity
    • It teaches concepts like cooperation and teamwork
    • It builds empathy and more