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"I am always on the hunt for books that may benefit my children, especially my 3 year old, because he has become more selective when it comes to books these days.Every now and then I’ll go to Amazon.com and search for things like, ” Islamic Books for Kids”. I came across the book, Zaydo Potato , Can Allah See Me Now? by Randa Taftaf and Maz Galini. I decided to give it a try and I am so pleased that I did!"


"I’ve been looking for some bedtime stories for my kiddos that had Muslim characters and values but not too unlike the midwestern culture my kids are living in. This book is beautifully written and relatable. The storyline flows naturally and the religious aspect is a seamless part of the characters' lives. I'm looking forward to purchasing the other two books."

Pauline Hend

"Very well thought out story. Great lesson for our children. Fully engaged my three year old. Just got it today and we’ve read it six times at his request. Even my one year old was drawn to the illustrations - he loves faces of people! Very clever and meaningful illustrations."