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Welcome to Zaydo Potato’s Home!

About Us:

Salams! I’m Randa and this is my husband Maz. We are the husband and wife team that authored the Zaydo Potato series and founded Rummana Publishing Inc.
 Maz is my husband, my best friend, and my business partner. He is a very creative Lebanese-American Multimedia and Front-End Developer, EDI Technical Support Engineer, and children’s book author. He’s also an avid photographer. For those reasons and more, he holds the role of Creative Director at Rummana Publishing.
On the other hand, I’m a passionate Syrian-American educator, author, and curriculum developer. I have over 20 years of experience in education and have worked and/or published with many international and local institutions and organizations such as Pearson Education, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Florida, TESOL, and UNHCR to name a few.  I’m also very passionate about early childhood education and have even visited Italy for a semester abroad to study the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to early childhood education.
With Maz’s creative background and my seasoned experience in education and most importantly our shared vision and mission, we founded Rummana Publishing Inc.

About Rummana: 

Established in 2017, Rummana Publishing is a US based publishing company that aims to strengthen YOUR relationship with Islam. Muslim or not, we’ve got you covered (no pun intended).  

Our Vision

We see Rummana Publishing as a tool to supplement the world with stronger, more confident, and more passionate learners and educators. We strive to create learning material that is so fun, rigorous, and motivational that it empowers learners with the education they need to lead successful careers, have loud and powerful voices, embark on the track of lifelong learning, and commit to changing their communities and the world for the better. At Rummana, we believe we can achieve this vision one book at a time.

Our Mission is to..

Randa Taftaf, Founder and Director

Randa Taftaf

Founder and Director of Rummana Publishing Inc.

Randa is a bilingual, Syrian-American born in Youngstown, Ohio. She grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Damascus, Syria at the age of 14. She now lives in Florida with her husband and son, Zayd.
Equipped with a fiery passion for languages and a MEd in Foreign Language Education, Randa is a seasoned foreign language instructor of 20 years and counting. Over the course of her career, she has managed and led exemplary ESL programs, actively trained ESL instructors, developed a curriculum for the teaching of Arabic as a Second Language and much more. As an American of Syrian heritage, she strives to bridge the cultures of the east and west through education and storytelling both inside and outside her classrooms and even in her own home. Consequently, she founded Rummana Publishing Inc. with her husband Maz to educate, empower, and inspire. Follow her work on Instagram and Facebook @randataftaf.

Maz Galini, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Maz Galini

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Rummana Publishing Inc.

Maz is a Lebanese-American polyglot. Fluent in four languages: English, Arabic, French, and Spanish, Maz can step inside the mind and context of other cultures easily. Maz prefers to connect cultures and express himself more creatively through his work as a web designer/developer in addition to his writing and exceptional photography. Sharing in the vision to educate, empower, and inspire his son Zayd and future generations, Maz co-founded Rummana Publishing Inc. with his wife, Randa. Follow Maz’s work on Instagram and Facebook @mazgalini.

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