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What Our Readers Say

Personally, I loved how the authors used some of the names of Allah and explained their translations. This was excellent way for me to expose my son to the different characteristics of Allah. They even made an additional glossary page in the back that explained the names of Allah further. In addition, there are two pages in the back explaining some tips to the parent on what kind of activities and discussions they could do with their children. For example, telling what shapes are on certain pages or asking about how many animals they can find in the book. We even extended it to asking about their facial expressions and what emotions they might be feeling.

Sarah Farmay

I highly recommend this book to our children! It is a very engaging and interactive book for kids. Ever since we’ve received the book, we read it every night! They love finding the potato on each page! The context of the book is educational and beneficial for children. It’s simply written, and portrays a strong meaning and connection to our Muslim youth. They are able to easily understand the book, as well as relate to Zayd and Kareem. The illustrations are eye-catching, clear, and interesting!


Our family loves the Zaydo Potato books! They’re fun to read and we appreciate how they answer questions kids have in a way kids understand!

Concetta T
Mouaz A
Helal H
This book is beautifully written and illustrated. I can’t wait to read more about Zaydo Potato’s adventures. Please keep on writing!

Alhumdulillah. Fun and exciting. My son jumps up and down anxiously when I first open the book. Thank you. We cannot wait for the next adventure.

Jai Liam

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