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Rummana Publishing is a provider of fun and educational events that can be customized and tailored to suit the unique needs of your school, mosque or community meeting! Check out our workshop options listed below and invite the authors of Zaydo Potato to your school or event today!


Muslim Superhero Training

There’s a superhero in all of us, but not all heroes wear capes (unless they choose to, of course)!

Our fun & engaging Muslim Superhero Training program is designed to create an exciting and community building atmosphere for everyone through amusing games, puzzles, stories and more. Perfect for boosting cheerful energy at a school, mosque or community center, Muslim Superhero Training is a great opportunity for kids (and adults!) to engage with the people around them through interactive stories and games.

Suggested Duration: 45-55 min
Suggested Age Group: 3-8
Medium of Delivery: Face to face


Writing Workshop

Who says writing class has to be boring?
Like any form of art, writing is a chance to express ourselves and show people who we really are, but it’s also a skill and being able to communicate on paper is just as important as our ability to speak. That’s why we’re so happy to offer a productive interactive writing workshop program that teaches students everything they need to know about how to write a short story.
Duration: (4-7) 60 min sessions
Suggested Age Group: 6 and up
Medium of Delivery: Face to face, Online, or Blended

Inspirational Talk: ‘Books Can Change the World’

Books can linger in our memories for a lifetime and have an incredible effect on the way we see the world.
This insightful and inspirational ‘pep talk’ is designed to promote a deeper awareness of the power of writing and literature among students and encourage them to share their own creative powers by walking them through the publishing process from start to finish. This talk includes a 20-25 min talk about the importance of writing and the publishing process and a 20-25 min Q&A session about everything writing and publishing.
Duration: 40-50 min
Suggested Age Group: 12 and up
Medium of Delivery: Face to face, Online, or Blended

“Br. Ziyad is still riding that “be a writer” wave! Several teachers have said they’ve learned from you, including myself. You’ve motivated me to reevaluate my writing instruction, and I hope I’ll be a better teacher because of your wise words. Jazak Allah khair for everything!”   

-Sister Aminah (The Islamic Academy of Alabama)



Storytime is a fun and interactive reading of the Zaydo Potato tales where all your favorite characters are brought to life. Loads of fun and potatoes for all!
Duration: 30-40 min
Suggested Age Group: 3-8


Author Meet and Greet

Meet the authors of your favorite books through our Meet & Greet program — where the inspiration goes both ways!
Duration: 35-45 min
Suggested Age Group: All ages


Educational Consulting/Advising Services

Our background in instructional design and curriculum development can promote effective information delivery and the evaluation of knowledge at your educational center. This program is intended to improve your overall curriculum while helping your instructors reach their full potential.
Contact us today for more information on Educational and Consulting/Advising Services with Rummana Publishing Inc.
Muslim Superheroes 

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