Rummana Publishing was born from the desire to help others learn, love and grow through EXPERIENCE.

Zaydo Potato family
Our founder, Randa Taftaf, started her own journey learning Arabic in rural Pennsylvania with a simple, poorly designed first grade Arabic reading book (remember Basem and Rabab?). With poorly designed books that neglected foreign language education principles, learning to read and write Arabic was a real struggle. But who said learning Arabic couldn't be fun?


It wasn’t until her son Zayd was born that she finally vowed to create books with diverse characters and transform the way Arabic was taught once and for all. With a Master of Education in Foreign Language Education in hand and a supportive husband who shared her passion, Rummana Publishing was born! 


Randa Taftaf

Founder and Director of Rummana Publishing Inc.

Randa is a bilingual, Syrian-American. She grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Damascus, Syria at the age of 14. Today, she lives in Florida with her husband (Maz) and their son (Zayd). Equipped with a fiery passion for languages and two Masters degrees, Randa is a seasoned foreign language instructor of 20+ years and counting. Over the course of her career, she has lead exemplary ESL programs, trained and mentored instructors, developed curricula and much more. She has worked and published with many international and local institutions and organizations such as Pearson Education, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Florida, TESOL and UNHCR to name a few. Although most of her experience is in higher education, Randa’s passion for early childhood education drove her to move to Italy for a short period of time to study the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to early childhood education directly from the source. Three years later, in 2017, she founded Rummana Publishing Inc. with her husband Maz.

Follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook @randataftaf.


We have an intense passion to support authors, parents, teachers, and students embarking on a bilingual journey.


Maz Galini

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Rummana Publishing Inc.

Maz is a Lebanese-American polyglot. He is fluent in multiple languages (English, Arabic, French, and Spanish) and can easily step inside the mindset of other cultures. Maz loves to connect cultures and express himself through his creative role at Rummana. He is also an exceptional photographer and children’s book author. Sharing in his wife’s vision to educate, empower and inspire future generations, Maz co-founded Rummana Publishing Inc. Although he works full time in a health care IT role, he devotes much of his free time to Rummana Publishing.

Follow Maz’s journey on Instagram @mazgalini.


“Salam, I just want to say thank you for working really hard and making these wonderful books available to children. My 18 year old would have loved these books about 15 years ago. Now my 4 year old loves them! We already read the book 3 times so far and did all the activities at the end of the book. Finding potatoes and counting objects is my daughters favorite! Lots of gratitude and dua for you and your family!"