7 Tips To Read Bilingual Books For Kids

1- Read one language at a time:

Read the whole story once in English and then read it again in Arabic. Reading each line in both languages can be boring and overwhelming.

A motheris reading a story book to her child daughter on the couch at home


2- Repeat :

Make it a habit to read the same story over and over again. Soon enough you'll notice that your child is remembering more and more words and expressions in the target language.

A Father is reading a story book for his daughter outside the tent


3- Have Fun :

As you and your child read, don't be afraid to be silly. Change your voice, act out the story, or come up with your own fun activities to enjoy. the more giggles the better.

A mother is having fun and playing with her kid while reading



4- Connect with the text :

Luckily our stories are designed to help you do just that. Check out the fun and engaging activities in the back!

A mother is helping her boy kid to do activities


5- Retell the story :

Allow your child to retell the story in his or her own words using as many of the words in the target language as he or she can remember. Recalled words are learned words.

A boy and a girl reading a story book together



6- Be Patient and don't give up :

Typically, a child needs to hear a new word 4-12 times before it is added to his or her vocabulary, but don't forget that every child is different. Some children may only need to be exposed to a new word 1-3 times, while for others it may take 20+ times.


7- Join the community :

Help or encourage other parents sharing tips or ideas that worked for you using #rummanapub on Instagram or Facebook.

Three women with hijabi siting togather around a table in a meeting


Happy reading!